April 2011

23 April 2011

Dear friends,
you have certainly followed the campaign moderate use of salt in food that our Association, along with San Marino Pharmacists Association, has recently argued in the press, TV and by flyers posted in the pharmacy, hospital, in clinics and in the centers of Health. When buying food, read carefully the label will help you choose more carefully! “Less salt more Health.”

As forewarned in our last of February, April 15th we will hold our Annual Meeting. We combine this with the letter convening the place, time, the agenda and the letter of delegation. Given the importance of the Assembly, you are strongly advised not to miss.

You will find here compiegato also the program of Social Trip! Saturday, May 7 we will visit Modena and an ‘important acetaia. We are confident that many will join.

We send the article by Dr. Louise Priolo “Exercises that are good for the Heart” and the first to greet you and invite you once again to participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting and Tour Association, we recommend the following article written for us by Dr . Sanzio Castelli (Allergist)

With the first signs of winter and who retires after coughs and flu almost inevitable, they begin to appear more frequently atypical colds, nasal catarrh, but not dripping with water unless the sneezing alternated with moments of complete, sometimes with red eyes and itchy.
They are the classic manifestations of ‘respiratory allergy, well known to persons already in possession of a correct diagnosis, may induce other, less experienced, followed by incorrect behavior, such as taking anti-inflammatory drugs or resort to vasoconstrictor spray. In fact, allergic rhinitis, the former are irrelevant and the latter may be due to side effects and sometimes dangerous.
As early as February widespread trees around us free air, with the help of wind, clouds of pollen that can cause allergy (in the case of cypress, birch and hornbeam), the first of April will be the rise in temperature ‘grass Muraiola (the Parietaria) to annoy, followed immediately by the most popular grasses in the first beautiful spring days, invading their homes with their pollen through the open windows.
When the symptoms occur for the first time in an adult, come to think, “but I’ve never been allergic.” It should be noted however, that it may become at any time and that current figures show a marked increase of respiratory allergies in all stages of life.
If then, accepted the idea of ​​a possible new allergies, the easiest and most practical seem to use a tablet to quickly erase any unpleasant symptoms, you first have recourse to the most delicate treatment, homeopathic remedies such as antihistamines or spray, often capable enough to control the symptoms. (If necessary, the antihistamine drug in pediatric drops or tablets for adults, will be prescribed by the doctor and took the evening to reduce the effects of possible drowsiness).
Then, past the symptoms, diagnosis allergy identify your problem and help to implement preventive measures for next season. ”

April 2011 The Directors