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The Republic of San Marino and its History Culture and Tradition

The Republic of San Marino is the most ancient Republic in the world, with a population of 3.1 thousand inhabitants distributed in a territory of about 61 square kilometres and it boasts of traditions rich in history and culture. Already appreciated by historical personages such as Napoleon and Garibaldi, the Republic of San Marino is today an important strategic and political cross road looking at Europe.


The Republic and the diplomacy from Napoleon to Garibaldi

We know that history was very generous with this land but it is also true that the importance of the Republic of San Marino in the period preceding the creation of the Italian State, is to be found in its diplomatic ability. Already in 1797 San Marino avoid a diplomatic incident with the commander of the Rimini square and deserves the friendship and the protection of Napoleon who exempts the Republic from paying taxes, giving a her also 1000 tons of grains and four Cannons. But Napoleon was not the only example of diplomatic ability. In fact during the Risorgimento Giuseppe Garibaldiís small army pursued by Austrian forces, while heading towards Venice, crossed the San Marinese territory that did not deny him refuge and hospitality. For this reason from the beginning the newborn Italian Reign considered San Marino a friendly land.


Investiture Ceremony of Captains Regent

The Heads of State are called Captains Regent and hold the position for six months. The investiture Ceremony of the which happens regularly on April 1st and on October 1st every year, is really enchanting. The ceremony is founded on an ancient protocol unchanging in ages: a procession with the most important authority of the Republic, diplomatic and consular representatives and army corps, goes through the streets of the historical Centre and it is a reason of attraction for many tourists.

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