Cuore-Vita Magazine N.1 – March 2012

30 January 2012

Welcome back again. Cuore Vita magazine returns to you strengthened by numerous praise received from you, our readers, on our launch number ‘zero’ issue, an acknowledgement of trust that charges us with new energy. In this issue we’ve directly involved the world of education at school too, our first, if not most qualified interlocutor, mindful that on desks you can also find a healthy lifestyle culture. Pupils and educators immediately absorbed the message and this is just the beginning of a collaboration that Cuore Vita’s scientific committee targeted since its inception. For not only is our and your information portal the aid and stimulus in direct line to the institutions but to San Marinese of every age: 16 thousand copies are delivered to every angle of the Titan. Our every effort is compensated in the knowledge that our voice, in the popularization of simple and basic concepts of a healthy life-style, is heard across the length and breadth of the land. One for all: health intended as not only a sacred right of everyone but as the social responsibility of all. To prevent, costs much less than to cure.

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