Cuore-Vita Magazine N.11 – September 2014

30 January 2014

More than 50% of mortality (and disability) caused by cardiovascular diseases can be aver- ted, or at least drastically reduced, if only the most common risk factors are corrected. Suppor- ting this is the World Health Organization itself in its report. It would be enough to assimilate this warning to be friends of our heart, the most important muscle of the body, the supplier of oxygen to the brain. It is a friend who works in silence, the heart beats rhythmically without our realizing it, often without the awareness of its vital role and while it adapts to all conditions: pumping harder during exercise, slowing down when we are calm and relaxed. Beginning with these premises to eli- minate the risk factors, at least those avoidable ones (excluding genetic factors), depends only on us, in other words through our lifestyle: smoking, physical inactivity, obesity, just remembering the most common ‘transgressions’ of so-called modern life. In addition to the health benefits, there’s even waist size: there is no diet that works unless accompanied by movement and physical activity, good for he- alth at all ages, as claimed by the dietitians. Surely less medication is called for when lifestyle is the real tonic of the heart. What better time to reiterate old, and all the more valid, recommendations than on the occasion of World Heart Day (29 September). Cuore-Vita Association invites everyone to attend the event in a constructive and not only celebratory spirit. It is a day that wants to stimulate reflection, an awareness for good heart health throughout the year. It is with the heart that you love, but how much do we love our heart?

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