Cuore-Vita Magazine N.2 – July 2012

30 January 2012

In the mood for sun, sport, free time, out in the open air. The summer is always the best opportunity to revitalize our body after the long winter hIbernation. That goes for everyone, young and old. Actually, good rules for a healthy life should never go on holiday in any season, and summer doesn’t go hand in hand with being sedentary. So no alibis; during a long day out in the sun, the time to do exercise – whether it’s a walk or a cycle ride – can always be found. It’s good for the mind but above all, it benefits the heart. While the next issue of our magazine is in the works with new ideas and topics, Cuore-Vita’s scientific committee warmly thanks its’ readers and collaborators for the attention you’ve granted us to date and wishes you a great summer. Great from all points of view, particularly for our health, our most precious asset. One more reason for defending it with style. Life-style – in fact! See you in September.

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