Cuore-Vita Magazine N.5 – March 2013

30 January 2013

We left behind us a difficult year: the crisis, the recession, an economy in distress. What remains is a benefit that is always worth ‘investing’ in: the quality of life. We propose it anew in this first issue of 2013 involving the new Minister for Culture. Culture understood well beyond its more traditional meaning. Cuore-Vita’s constant commitment will be to continue to stimulate the world of
school, convinced in this regard that the education of the adult begins as a child.
Proper nutrition is an important element of lifestyle. So much the better it’s learned at a young age. Many dietary mistakes do not result from deliberate choices but rather a lack of knowledge of the basic rules. Nutrition education nowadays cannot refuse opening to new models of eating, the so-called ‘ready to eat’ foods suitable for instant consumption compared to others that need preparation. It’s an easy to grasp message for new generations accustomed to ‘bite and run’. Every day children and young people go to school, and that’s what makes it the ideal establishment where to teach health education. The role of the teacher in this sense is particularly suited to convey messages of health education compared to the role of the expert (such as a doctor), but the latter is needed to communicate to the teacher the most suitable tools to teach a healthy lifestyle. A synergy should be encouraged.
The Editorial staff send you best wishes for serene Easter festivities.

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