Cuore-Vita Magazine N.6 – June 2013

30 January 2013

Our magazine widens its horizons thanks to the contribution of new partnerships from Italy and the United States. Experts who have made their experience and professionalism at our (and your) disposal on those topics that have always been our warhorses: the defence of health and healthy lifestyles.
Summer is the ideal season to regain physical form, to remove a good dose of that rust accumulated in months lived indoors from our body. Self-will and common sense have to walk hand in hand, without venturing into do-it-yourself diets or improvising yourselves to be athletes from one day to the next.
Behavioural measures like daily physical activity and proper nutrition are a universal ‘cure’: they benefit the heart not just the waistline.
The Scientific Committee of Cuore-Vita has new initiatives in the works stimulated by the interest with which our magazine continues to be read online via internet. In September we will celebrate the World Heart Day (Sunday 29) and as a symbol we take the new stamp issued by the Philatelic and Numismatic Azienda Autonoma di San Marino, to which we have dedicated, not surprisingly, our cover. The inspiration of the stamp’s theme belongs to Sanmarinese, Dr. Carlo Cruz, President of the Michigan Vascular Center
USA (see interview inside). In a few centimeters the illustrator, Fabio Ferrini, has managed to synthesize an eloquent message about prevention of cardiovascular diseases in his sketch. That’s why the stamp fits perfectly in thematic philately worldwide.

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