Cuore-Vita Magazine N.9 – March 2014

30 January 2014

New year, new life. A ready-made statement that should, in any case for some, be a healthy motivation albeit gradual, to change their way of life for the better. Change you can, in certain cases, you have to when, over time, bad habits are likely to jeopardize your health. Can’t we do it on our own? Better to get help than always put it off until tomorrow. In the U.S.A for example, there are (free) services to help people to stop smoking or to give advice on the use of drugs (use, not abuse). Not only that. Using smartphones, suggestions arrive on healthy diets, how to measure blood pressure, on helpful physical exercise and any other advice that can motivate people to care for the health of your heart. If this is done overseas why can’t we do it? Cuore-Vita has always been striving to spread a culture of health in the form of bite-size advice, easy to understand and easy to put into practice. We have the same technology, the same tools for easy communication as countries most aware of the subject. Is it perhaps a touch of willpower that we’re missing? Admitting it would already be a start to change course. Spring is upon us, the season of awakening is ideal for finding stimulation and healthful energy.

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