February 2011

22 February 2011

Hello to everyone

After such harsh winter, hopefully coming to a close, everyone is longing for the arrival of spring.
But spring might also be the season for allergies and feelings of tiredness. Vitamins and mineral salts, easily found in fresh fruit and vegetables, can offer a great help.
In addition to that, herbal remedies such as ginko biloba and ginseng improve our attention and specific drugs reduce the symptoms of allergies.
The best advice is: spend as much time possible outside, take long walks and enjoy the highly beneficial effects of the sun over your bones after the long dark winter.

After this short introduction, here the activities of our Association:
as you have heard from the media, we have recently given ISS, Territorial Health, other 5 pulse-oximeters.

Just placing it on a finger tip, this portable equipment allows to measure, in real time, the state of peripheral blood oxygenation and, at the same time, to calculate the heart rhythm.

On the upcoming 15th April our annul Ordinary and Extraordinary Assembly will be held.

Other plans for next springs include our usual trip and the opening of a new Path for a Healthy Heart. You will be fully informed of these activities in due course.

We would like to invite those who have not done it yet, to pay the subscription fee for the year 2011 ( minimum € 10,00 ) at their own bank with the form that was posted to you, or to our headquarters on Tuesdays from 10.00 to 12.00 and on Fridays from 16.00 to 18.00.
In order to vote at the aforementioned Assembly it is necessary for all of you to have renewed your membership.