June 2011

30 June 2011

Dear members,

last 15 April I was appointed Chairman by the Committee of our Voluntary Association Cuore-Vita for the next 3 years.
I am delighted with this commitment but at the same time I am aware of the great responsibility it involves.
I would like to thank warmly Romano Gualandra for supporting my candidacy, which I am hopefully going to hold with dignity.
I will have the job of leading your group that has always shown to be highly dependable and competent and I will enjoy the privilege of representing a dynamic and professional association which has grown into a reference point to many and which has been attracting the interest from the Institutions of our Republic.
I hope I will be able to face and solve all the future tasks with your crucial help because I am firmly convinced that a close collaboration is at the heart of every form of harmonious growth.
All my love to everyone.

The chairman ( Dott. Giovanni Iwanejko )

Dearest friends,

I am really pleased, and even a bit moved, to express my kindest regards and my warmest thanks to our friend Romano, the outgoing Chairman of Cuore-Vita.
With his generosity, patience, modesty, persistence, sacrifice, ability and creativity he has been able in these ten years to increase and strengthen the Association he had so firmly desired and set up. Moreover, he has reached important targets of the institutional programme.
I hardly believe to have met such a dedicated Chairman in any voluntary service. He has devoted most of his time to the life of the Association, building up a network of projects, relations and acquaintances that have made Cuore-Vita an outstanding model hard to imitate.
For these reasons, replacing such a prominent person will be undoubtedly a very difficult task, but it will spur us to work better towards existing and future aims.

Deputy Chairman ( Prof. Giampaolo Rolli )


This is the composition of the new Committee for the next three years:
– Chairman Giovanni Iwaneiko
-Deputy Chairman Giampaolo Rolli
– Secretary Rodolfo Tosi
– Treasurer Nadia Nocentini
– Advisor Niksa Simetovic ( Chairman of the Scientific Committee )
– Advisor Anna Grazia Costa
– Advisor Andrea Barbieri – – Advisor Antonio Gasperoni
– Advisor Giuseppe Macina
– Auditors Marino Guardigli ( Chairman )
Lamberto Geri
Primo Toccaceli
– Probi Viri Alessandro Tentoni ( Chairman )
Giuseppe Vaglio
Valerio Calmi
Romano Gualandra

Last 15 April the outgoing Committee passed the budget for the year 2010.
At the end of the meeting TITANCOOP offered everyone a tasty buffet.

On the sunny day of the 7th of May we went on trip to Modena and Nonantola.
The visit to the wonderful monuments and the delicious meal at the farmhouse restaurant at the Acetaia were both extremely pleasant.

Sunday 9th May our members took part in large numbers in the interesting and instructive walk ‘Losing weight in a healthy way’.
The walk, organized in collaboration with Musamelica Association and guided by Prof D. Ridolfi, took place along the old railway track of Domagnano and included the visit to the Arboreto Didattico.
There followed a delicious breakfast with traditional San Marino food.

At the end of this notice we have to make an important request: would you mind sending us, possibly via the Internet, your e-mail address ( or of an agreeable relative’s ) ? Our aim is to reach you more quickly. In the future we would like to cut the consumption of paper in order to do more to make our wonderful planet more livable.

We also remind you that in the income tax return, you are able to give 3/1000 to our Association: Cuore-Vita.

The Committee